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See before you buy

Virtual Viewing Service

Considering buying a property in the west country? 

Haven't got the time or don't want to waste the time and expense of travelling to the property only to find that the location is just right for you or the details on the property agents description wasn't giving the full story?

Let me visit for you and create you a full visual tour of the property and its surroundings.

Having been in hundreds of properties I can give you an indendent view without any sales pitch.

Regent House Low Res-6_edited.jpg

What do you get

Years of property experience

Short concise videos with audio description of my observations

My personal view of the property and it's surroundings

My experience of carrying out domestic energy assesments

A true independent view

How Does It Work

Contact me and discuss the property details

Contact the selling property agent and give them authority to allow me to view on your behalf

I will book an appointment direct with the property agent

On-site I will capture video of the property, it's surrounding and location.

I will send these direct to you via WhatsApp as soon as I have completed the appointment

Follow up with a phone discussion

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