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How to prepare your property for photography

Having shot hundreds of properties, I can certainly say from experience that if you spend a little time preparing your property before a shoot, it is going to attract so much more positive attention online.


Obviously the property should be clean and tidy but some extra steps can make a big difference. Make the property as uncluttered as possible as this will be a real benefit and remember that in some shot angles items outside the property will be visible when the being photographed from the inside and visa versa.

  • Open curtains and blinds and make sure they are straight and the curtains are dressed in

  • Plump all the cushions and pillows and make sure the bedding is smooth and pulled taught to avoid creases showing

  • Remove any clutter, such as boxes under beds, items on top of wardrobes, spare pet beds and bowls. If you have a garage or shed store items in there temporarily as these areas normally do not get photographed

  • Make sure all wardrobes and cupboard doors are closed

  • Clear off kitchen worktops and hide away towels, oven gloves and washing up items, maybe pop them in the sink cupboard

  • Shut all toilets seats and remove excess toilet rolls

  • Remove fridge magnets and stickers on cabinets

  • Clean the windows inside and out

  • You don't need to lay a full dinner table in fact over-dressing can make a space look smaller

  • Flowers on display can be nice but keep them proportionate to the room size and let the photographer know that you can move them to other rooms if necessary

  • Hide away any items that have personal data on such as post and bills and turn off all computer and TV screens

  • Avoid having seasonal decorations on show, such as Christmas decorations


  • Remove any vehicles, boats and trailers from the driveways

  • Hide away rubbish and recycling bins

  • Cut the grass and remove any fallen leaves or dead plants

  • Close all windows and doors a uniform look of the outside of the property is best and the photographer will open a feature door or window when required

  • Put down and if possible remove washing lines

  • Make your neighbours aware the property is being photographed and if possible ask if they can ensure the cars, bins etc etc are out the way

  • Pack away excess play items in the garden such as footballs, paddling pools, dog toys etc.

  • Open up hot tub covers

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